Core competences


Over many years WE have built up expertise in the manufacturing of gear components in form and process.

Depending on the geometry and material requirements, we achieve a gear quality of up to quality 9 according to DIN 58405. This requires high precision in the mold and stable parameters in the injection molding process.

By using special measurement technology, we are able to efficiently monitor the essential quality characteristics during serial production. We are able to test both straight and helical toothed components and to depict a statistical process capability.

Depending on the component requirements, we are able to source the necessary hybrid components (cold pressed parts, sintered parts, stamped and bent parts as well as turned parts) in the appropriate quality through our partner network.

In close cooperation with our partners for process automation, we develop the necessary specifications for efficient and reliable series production. In doing so, we rely on proven and well-known manufacturers as well as process components.

Our mission is to offer the customer gears in various designs from a single source. Early involvement of our process engineers by the customer is advantageous.

Thin-walled parts

The high demands placed on hot runner technology, mold venting and injection process control make thin-walled injection molding a real challenge.

WE have risen to these challenges and today produce technical components with thicknesses in the range of 0.3 mm reliably in quantities of several million components per year.

The investment in appropriate mold steels and hot runner technology pays off for the customer in the end and is also a necessary prerequisite for controlled serial processes and the achievement of the 0-defect goal.

If, in addition to the thin-wall requirements, there are also requirements for technical cleanliness, the demands on the mold & process increase significantly.

Our goal is to offer the customer the appropriate mold and process technology to achieve his quality goals in the thin-wall area according to his individual requirements. An early involvement of our process engineers by the customer is advantageous.

Light guides

Vacuoles or air pockets in the light guides – a NO GO!

Years of experience in light guide production for the automotive industry have resulted in expert knowledge. Particularly in the thick-walled area component injection, mold ventilation and process control play a key role when it comes to preventing air inclusions and vacuoles.

Our mold construction experts have been able to demonstrate their expertise several times in recent years. Problem molds were transferred from customers to rekuplast and could be optimized through systematic reworking in such a way that production without vacuoles and air inclusions was made possible.

Our mission is to provide the customer with the appropriate advice in terms of material selection and injection molding process-optimized light guide geometry according to his individual requirements. An early involvement of our process engineers by the customer is advantageous.


Not all threads are created equal.

Depending on the requirements for thread pitch, coaxiality and concentricity, the plastic injection molding process reaches its limits. In such cases, machining is unavoidable.

WE offer various solutions depending on the quality requirements and, if necessary, have access to a proven partner network for any necessary reworking. Solutions for demanding internal and external threads can be realized in our mold construction via drop core or boring core solutions.

Our mission is to offer the customer the appropriate tooling and process competence according to his individual requirements, including any necessary rework. An early involvement of our process engineers and our partner network by the customer is advantageous.