Mold construction

We design and manufacture plastic injection mold tools in-house, or depending on the capacity situation, in the proven partner network.

Our decades of experience in mold construction are reflected in an internal design guideline which, as a storehouse of knowledge, forms the basis for the transfer of knowledge between generations. This means that our skilled workers can fall back on almost 50 years of expert knowledge.

An employee of a major customer in the automotive industry once remarked: “When things get complicated and we need a reliable partner, we always turn to rekuplast”.

Such a customer statement motivates us to remain true to our claim of being experts in the field of plastic injection molding and mold construction. We’re always motivated to move with the times and keep up with the ball of innovation. In doing so, we realize tools with component tolerances in the range of up to 0.02 mm in serial production.

Over the years, we have developed various core competencies. These include among others:

  • Gears with different geometries as well as high concentricity properties (including high noise requirements) and corresponding demolding technology
  • Metal overmolding with high positional accuracy and coordination with coupled automation technology
  • Thin-walled components with the demand for highly wear-resistant tools and high requirements for tool venting
  • Light guides with high demands on the later refraction of light. In order to achieve crystal-clear and vacuum-free results, special technical conditions are required in the mold.
  • Components with threads (inside and outside). Depending on the requirements, various demolding techniques are used here. In individual cases, for extremely high precision, machining post-processing is also carried out.
  • Glass overmolding

For complex geometries and special component requirements, we accompany the development of component and process with our customers via test tools and prototype programs, from the idea to readiness for serial production.