As an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) audited company, WE are an authorized economic operator and fulfill the corresponding requirements of customs law in the European Union. Through the permanent sanctions list check of our business partners, we offer our customers increased legal security and reduced risk in the trade of goods, even outside the EU.

Our products are shipped all over the world. We cooperate with considerable distributors. Deliveries are made within the EU, to the NAFTA countries, to Asia and to Africa. In doing so, we comply with the relevant requirements regarding customs duty and packaging.

Internally, we attach great importance to a directed material flow and complete retraceability of purchased and produced goods. Among other things, we apply the FIFO principle.

Our mission is to provide our customers worldwide with 100% delivery reliability. We have succeeded in doing this in recent years. In 2019, we delivered approximately 152 million components to the automotive sector with zero delivery delays. One of the ways we support this goal is by offering an EDI interface. Here, we prefer the VDA format as the data exchange protocol.